Gift voucher AlcatraXCape

Surprise someone
by giving AlcatraXcape!
Once you purchase the gift voucher, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a single use CODE to use when you book your game in our website.
It is very easy, just click on "Exchange gift voucher" in the pop up appearing when you enter
1. Fulfil the form with your personal data
2. Confirm the number of players and pay for your game:
Up to 5 players: 80 €
1 SINGLE CELL, 60′ to Xcape from AlcatraX
Up to 10 players: 150 €
2 CELLS "VS MODE". Divided in two groups,
playing in identical cells simultaneously...
will any of the groups Xcape in less tan 60′?
Voucher validity: 6 months since payment
The voucher can be redeemed for any sesion, any day, 7 days a week.
Please remember that all players under 16 years old shall be accompanied by at least one adult (>18 years old) in each cell. This adult counts as another player and shall pay as the rest of the players. In case you have any question about alcatraXcape voucher please contact us through our contact form.