Xcape from AlcatraX (combat mode)

Xcape from AlcatraX (combat mode)

You're facing a long, bleak future at our ALCATRAX Maximum Security Prison.

You know how to escape, but you've just found out that the prison doctor has invented a vaccine that permanently suppresses a prisoner's desire to escape. In just 60 minutes you'll be getting your jab, and your chances of getting out of ALCATRAX will be gone forever.

Go head to head with your mates in our twin games to see which group breaks out first, and with the fewest clues.

You'll be playing simultaneously in adjacent games, so you'd better watch what you say - you wouldn't want the other group to overhear your discoveries and use them to break out first. Come to think of it though, calling out a few false clues could be a great way to distract your rival team... Up to you!

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60 min

Group size

6-10 participants

Escape rate