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At ALCATRAXCAPE, we believe in the importance of developing skills through gamification which can subsequently be effectively transferred to the workplace. Gamification helps with team bonding, motivation, and most important of all, self-development.

We know from experience that every company has its own particular needs. At ALCATRAXCAPE we tailor our games to suit you, and to develop the particular skill sets you want to work on. Your team will engage in a 60-minute game that will allow each of them will showcase their own abilities in terms of the skill sets we will have outlined beforehand with your company (resilience, teamwork, communication, etc.). Once the game is over, a consultant will bring the team together to work - based on their own observations throughout the game - on the roles undertaken by each participant and their performance in relation to the various different skills. This final phase takes the format of a practical workshop, and tools are offered to help the team strengthen these skills and effectively transfer them to the workplace.

If you're part of your company's HR department and you're looking for an innovative, exclusive, effective activity for your team, ALCATRAXCorporate could be the perfect solution. The duration of the activity can be adapted to your needs (half day or full day) and our facilities will be reserved exclusively for your use to ensure the experience meets all your expectations.

Give us a call and let us know what your company is looking for, or if you'd prefer, leave us your number and we'll contact you. You'll hear from one of our experts within no more than 48 hours.

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