Welcome to our Maximum Security Prison

Will you manage to XCAPE in 60 minutes?

Will you spend the rest of your life behind bars, or will your name go down in history as one of the few who managed to defeat our complex, infallible security systems? It all comes down to your resourcefulness, skill, imagination and ability to work as a team...

We will lock you up


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2-6 participants
high difficulty

Xcape from AlcatraX

In 60 minutes, you'll be vaccinated and will lose the will to escape forever. Will you manage to XCAPE first?

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Break into Governor Johnson's office

Break into his office and steal most of the hidden $2 million. Collect the incriminating evidence that will put Governor Johnson behind bars.

6-10 participants
high difficulty

Xcape from AlcatraX (combat mode)

Battle it out against your mates in our twin rooms to see who can XCAPE from ALCATRAX in the shortest time possible and with the fewest clues.

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A few things you might like to know...

If this is your first escape room experience, click here
What is an escape game?
In an escape game, you have to escape from a room by solving logic puzzles and tests, finding hidden objects, using your imagination and working as a team.
How many people can play?
You'll need at least 2 people and a maximum of 6. We have twin rooms for our "ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAX" game, so groups of up to 12 people can play, split into two groups of up to 6 people each. If you are interested on a combat mode game with 11 or 12 people, please contact us.
Which game should I choose?
The two games offer similar difficulty levels, although the theme and the mission is different in each. Whichever one you pick, you're in for 60 minutes of gruelling fun.
What do I need to bring?
Nothing! All we ask is that you arrive ON TIME. Just get to our Max Security Prison AlcatraX on your chosen day at the time you booked (don't be early or late) and have an amazing time.
How much does it cost?
The price per person depends on how many there are in your group. The more of you there are, the cheaper it will be for each of you. You can find more details in the Prices section.
Do I need to know how many of us will be playing when I make the booking?
If you don't know how many of you there are going to be, or if one of you has a reputation for bailing out at the last minute, pick the option "Not sure how many of us there are" when you book. That way you'll just pay a €20 deposit when you book and the rest when you play.
Can I use electronic devices?
This is a maximum security prison - you'll need to leave all your personal belongings in your locker. They'll be kept under lock and key and guarded by our wardens at all times.
Will I actually be locked in?
You'd better believe it, ALCATRAX is a prison and you're here to do your time! No, just kidding, you can leave the cell whenever you want, so don't panic!
I don't speak Spanish or English, is that ok?
The games are carried out in Spanish, but are also available in English if you specify upon booking. Speakers of all languages are more than welcome, but you'll need at least one person in the group who speaks Spanish or English.


La fuga de Alcatrax
(1 celda)
50 €
60 €
70 €
80 €
90 €
NOTA: Para 6 jugadores es más recomendable jugar en modo combate
3 Vs 3 (2 celdas)
La fuga de Alcatrax (modo combate)
(2 celdas)
130 €
140 €
150 €
NOTA: Si estás interesado en hacer un combate de 11 ó 12 personas, por favor contáctanos a través de nuestro formulario.

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Xcape from AlcatraX
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Break into Governor Johnson's office
Xcape from AlcatraX (combat mode)
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What do
we offer?
We are
How do
we offer
What does our maximum security prison have to offer?

For the development of core skills and to ensure effective interaction between work teams, we offer a team bonding tool that helps team members work on skills like communication, motivation, teamwork, conflict resolution, empathy and assertiveness.

This tool is highly effective in drawing out the true skills and abilities of each participant. The tension of the game and the time limit in place mean it is carried out under a degree of pressure, which means nobody can come across in any other way than how they really are in everyday life.

How do we offer these services at our prison?

Gamification is a useful tool to develop professional skills through games that encourage participation. Over the course of 90 minutes, teams tackle an activity that allows them to showcase their skills and abilities in real time.

During this time, a consultant will be analysing the performance of each of the participants. At the end of the game, a situational workshop is held to analyse the roles taken on during the game and the participants can identify areas for change going forward.

What sets our prison apart?

AlcatraXcape is committed to taking the concept of team building a step further. We make sure every participant engages in self-analysis, identifies areas for improvement and undertakes commitments to change going forward, based on their participation in the game.

At AlcatraXcape, we believe that games offer the potential to get the very best out of professional teams. We get great results by ensuring that people can be seen for who they truly are throughout the course of the game, as there is no time for them to take on personas, and this makes it much easier to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

To make sure the full potential of the session is harnessed, a senior consultant will run a situational workshop after the game at our facilities to help underpin skills such as:


Who is our partner?

When you contact AlcatraXcape, we will put you in touch with our partner GFS, an HR company which specialises in management and HR consultancy and has experience in gamification. The reason for touching base prior to the game is to outline the actions to be carried out during the Xcape session, identify needs and areas for improvement, establish groups and evaluate profiles, among other things.

During the escape game, AlcatraXcape will coordinate the game itself and at the same time GFS will provide a specialist senior consultant to work on visualising and identifying roles and to coordinate the subsequent situational workshop which will complete the experience.

You don't need to do a thing. Just get your team here on time, and we'll take care of the rest: breakfast, welcome, game development and monitoring, consultant, situational workshop and everything else we need to make sure the day is a great success.


Estamos trabajando en esta sección


5 de 5 estrellas 136 opiniones
14 nov: Decidí celebrar un cumpleaños diferente y fue tan grata la sorpresa que repetiré con las mismas personas cuando saquen la próxima sala. Estuvimos el sábado pasado y desde el principio hasta el fin, la ambientación que le dan al juego es súper creativa y lo más fiel posible a la realidad. Los GameMasters Sergio y Pablo, son de lo más agradable y simpático, tienen muy buen rollo y están dispuestos a hacértelo pasar muy bien ¡Me encantó! Doy 5 estrellas porque no hay �� ¡Súper recomendable!
31 oct: Muy completo escape! Con gran atmosfera e intruducción, competimos en dos salas iguales y estuvo genial,muy recomendable
30 oct: Ha sido una experiencia de lo más divertida! No conseguimos escapar a pesar de las pistas que nos dieron, aún así lo pasamos genial! Totalmente recomendable!
29 oct: Genial ambientación!!!! Merece la pena muchísimo. Gran trabajo del gamemaster Pablo. :)
27 oct: Fui con 10 amigos y me lo pase genial en cuanto pueda repito, muy recomendable los gamemasters unos cracks ��


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